Strawberry Treasure

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Can a tea be both grounding and uplifting at the same time? Apparently so, because Strawberry Treasure is just that. Notes of sweet strawberry greet you as you sip, followed by a hint of tangy hibiscus, and finishing with deep ginger notes. Sip this rosy-pink tea and experience its depth.

Tasting Notes: wild strawberries, summer melons, candied apples

Fruity notes of apples and strawberries create a bright and lively infusion, while a hint of earthy ginger provides a gentle warmth that is not overpowering. Herbaceous lemon myrtle and tangy hibiscus add layers of complexity. A delightfully smooth infusion with just enough hibiscus and ginger zing to keep it interesting!

Ingredients: Apple pieces, rose hip peel, hibiscus, wild strawberry leaves, lemon myrtle, sweet blackberry leaves, flavor, ginger pieces, strawberry slices


1 oz.